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Our new brochure has arrived!
Download the latest Box Altitude PDF brochure now! [...]
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Why cyclists train and live at altitude
“If you can improve the amount of oxygen delivered to the working muscle (by increasing the red blood cells) and process it in the most energy efficient manner (by improving [...]
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New altitude products launching soon
Here at Box Altitude we have been working away at the next generation of altitude products. Be prepared for more of what you have come to expect from us – innovation, [...]
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Our Athletes

Box Altitude tents

The best sleep at altitude on the market

Whether you’re a professional athlete preparing for an event, or are passionate about sport, fitness and health, Box Altitude altitude tents are the key ingredient you need to gain the extra edge. Box Altitude has helped a wide and varied range of people, including ironmen and ironwomen, road cyclists and mountain-bikers, swimmers, woodchoppers, hikers and mountaineers. You may be familiar with the term, Live High Train Low. This is a proven method to safely improve your performance, by spending extended periods of time in a high altitude, low-oxygen environment, combined with short bursts of physical training. Sleeping in an altitude tent is the most efficient way to get the most benefit from the Live High Train Low training method.

Science has shown that sleeping in an altitude tent or training at altitude increases your oxygen carrying capabilities. In other words, you will be fitter, faster and stronger simply by sleeping at altitude. Sleeping or spending blocks of time at altitude naturally stimulates the hormone Erythropoietin (EPO), and this is safe, legal and easy to do using Box Altitude’s sleek and innovative product, with the added benefit of achieving these increases in the comfort of your own home.

Check out our range of queen and single sized tents, perfect for couples or individuals. We pride ourselves on creating a product which reduces the noise of the hypoxic generators. Our altitude tents are simple to erect, and the fabrics we use are breathable. We aim to give you the most comfortable night’s sleep whilst reaping the benefits of altitude training. Our tents are designed and assembled locally in Melbourne, and our unique design was formulated by our founder Rico Rogers.

You can buy or hire our altitude tents through our company based in Melbourne, Australia. We happily ship Australia-wide and internationally (please contact us for international shipping rates).