Seamless altitude integration

Sleep at altitude in absolute comfort, your bedroom at 3,000 metres

Simply close your door, turn on your system via the app, and let the Box Altitude system do the rest.

Box Altitude specialises in retro-fitting bedrooms, offices or gyms with customised altitude systems. From a lifestyle point of view it is the ultimate way to get fitter or to lose weight without leaving your bed.

Enjoy all the benefits of the Sleep Cloud and the Training Cloud with as little fuss as possible. No space is too big or too small. Allow Box Altitude to transform your space today.

Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements and arrange a quote for a custom altitude solution if none of the room sizes (volume) on our shop apply.

Introducing the Box Altitude System

All Box Altitude systems come complete with the following three key system components:

App Screen
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Altitude Controller App®

Control your altitude height, monitor the time you’ve spent at altitude, the heat and humidity of your environment, and track your sleep and progress.

box altitude sensor
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Altitude Sensor®

The sensor pairs with the App through simple QR codes, in order to detect the oxygen content of your altitude environment. 

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F20 Altitude Generator®

This efficient, quiet, multi-purpose altitude machine can alter your environment up to 3,000 metres.

Altitude bedroom system components

  • Altitude Generators® (combination of F10 &F20)
  • Altitude Sensor®
  • Box Altitude App®

Need Help?

Need help or assistance on which Box Altitude system is the one for you? Our team is standing by to make sure you get the help you need.