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Box Altitude Commercial offers solutions for larger spaces using the powerful F20 altitude compressor that can then be configured in multiples to convert any size and space to an altitude environment.

Altitude Hotels used by athletes in training building up to competition as featured on Lance Armstrong’s The Move podcast

Gyms and fitness centres globally, are adding altitude training spaces to the facilities they offer, either through the addition of a number of smaller altitude training rooms or the conversion of larger rooms, designed to allow the full training space to be operated at altitude and offering a point of difference to the fitness centre membership.

Hotels and Training Houses that have been setup with athlete preparation focus can now also offer altitude to complete the full range of services and facilities on offer.

In order to understand the costs involved in converting your space, we would be pleased to discuss your requirements and our solutions :

The proven benefits of altitude

  • Scientific studies have consistently proven significantly higher growth hormone concentrations in altitude trained groups than in their sea level conterparts throughout a specified training period.
  • Simulated altitude training causes more weight loss than sea level training after a 4-week training block.
  • High-Intensity Interval Training in an altitude environment leads to greater body fat loss.

Introducing the Box Altitude System

All Box Altitude systems come complete with the following three key system components:

App Screen
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Altitude Controller App®

Control your altitude height, monitor the time you’ve spent at altitude, the heat and humidity of your environment, and track your sleep and progress.

box altitude sensor
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Altitude Sensor®

The sensor pairs with the App through simple QR codes, in order to detect the oxygen content of your altitude environment. 

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F20 Altitude Generator®

This efficient, quiet, multi-purpose altitude machine can alter your environment up to 3,000 metres.

Commercial system components

  • F20 Altitude Generators®
  • Altitude Sensor®

Need Help?

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