Altitude Bedroom

Altitude Bedroom

from 12,100.00

Altitude bedrooms will change the sports field in the not too distant future.

Sleeping at altitude with no discomfort will allow elite athletes to achieve performance gains that have been impossible in the past.

For the rest of us an altitude bedroom will simply increase your quality of life by increasing the amount of  EPO your body naturally produces. Having your bedroom retro-fitted with a custom made altitude system is typically for elite athletes and business executives who need to stay sharp all day every day.

The Box Altitude bedroom systems seamlessly retrofit into existing bedrooms and are silent. From a lifestyle point of view it is the ultimate way to get fitter or to lose weight without leaving your bed.

Below are some reasons that make it such an effective tool for weight loss:

  • Sleeping at high altitude will cause your body to work harder to maintain O2 saturation levels in your blood

  • Your body’s metabolism increases cope with the increased activity during your sleep and throughout the day

  • Your body suppresses your appetite by increasing the hormone Leptin

Altitude bedroom packages start from AUD $11,000.

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Positive effects of spending time at Altitude can be measured for 120 days post altitude exposure. A study* conducted by scientists from the University of Geneva took 20 overweight middle-aged men to 2,600m for one week and encouraged them to not do much more than a leisurely walks and eat and drink as per usual. They all lost a significant amount of weight over the course of the week, and continued to do so for weeks following.

There are countless studies that prove the positive effects of the Live High Train Low method. Traditionally these studies have been undertaken to help elite athletes improve their performance. Altitude training can be beneficial for anyone.