Altitude Tent - Queen Package

Altitude Tent - Queen Package


Our Box Altitude Queen Package is perfect for a couple or an individual who wants that extra room. Our queen sized altitude tent consists of a canopy, designed to sit over your head and rest lightly on your stomach. The surrounding see-through PVC panels help to seal your environment, and the fabric at the front of the altitude tent is made of a unique breathable fabric, specifically designed to repel moisture and keep your environment nice and cool.  

Good sleep, which is defined by Wikipedia as slow-wave sleep, is the constructive phase of sleep for recuperation of the mind-body system in which it rebuilds itself after each day. Substances that have been ingested into the body while an organism is awake are synthesized into complex proteins of living tissue. Growth hormones are also secreted to facilitate the healing of muscles as well as repairing damage to any tissues. Lastly, glial cells within the brain are restored with sugars to provide energy for the brain.

Quality of sleep can have a profound effect on your physical performance. This can also be magnified if you are both training hard and sleeping at altitude. Sleeping 8 hours a night for an elite athlete may not be enough. Little thought has been given to pairing up your sleep with training load.

Unlike other altitude tents on the market, Box Altitude tents are designed to deliver a comfortable night’s sleep.

  • We use breathable, durable materials

  • Reduced noise output from the Hypoxic Compressor generators

  • Sound proofing embedded into tent

  • All Box Altitude packages come with 1 year warranty

  • Designed and assembled locally in Melbourne, Australia

The Queen package consists of:

  • Queen size tent

  • Box Altitude Hypoxic Compressor generator

  • Oximeter

Other accessories available include:

Queen Tent Size and dimensions

  • Dimensions: 1510 mm wide x 680 mm long x 830 mm high

  • Fits up to two people on a queen or king size bed

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