Sleep Tent - Single Package

Sleep Tent - Single Package

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Compact and sleek, the Box Altitude Single Package can fit on any sized bed. Easy and lightweight to transport, suitable for any bed configuration, the single is ideal for one person serious about experiencing the benefits of altitude. Does your partner want to sleep next to you but not in an altitude tent? Our single altitude tents are the perfect unobstructive solution so you can continue sleeping together while you reap the benefits of Live High Train Low. The single sized altitude tent fits one person, and consists of a canopy, designed to sit over your head and rest lightly on your stomach. The surrounding see-through PVC panels help to seal your environment, and the fabric at the front of the altitude tent is made of a unique breathable fabric, specifically designed to repel moisture and keep your environment nice and cool.  

This package now includes our new optional WiFi hypoxic compressor and altitude sensor allowing access to the Box Altitude smartphone app (currently only compatible with Apple devices). This new technology allows the user to further customise the altitude environment via the cloud for an even better experience. In addition, ease of setup and use is enhanced with the compressors pairing directly to the altitude sensor, making this product the only complete altitude solution in the world with WiFi functionality.

All Box Altitude compressors now come with external Hepa air filters as standard. The Hepa filters are easily replaceable and can be sourced separately from Box Altitude on request.

Unlike other altitude tents on the market, Box Altitude tents are designed to deliver a comfortable night’s sleep.

  • We use breathable, durable materials

  • Reduced noise output from the Hypoxic Compressor generators

  • All Box Altitude packages come with 1 year warranty

  • Sound proofing embedded into tent

  • Designed and assembled locally in Melbourne, Australia

The Single package consists of:

  • Queen size tent

  • Box Altitude Hypoxic Compressor (optional WiFi model)

  • Oximeter (optional WiFi Altitude Sensor)

Other accessories available include:

Single Tent Size and dimensions

  • Dimensions: 755 mm wide x 680 mm long x 830 mm high

  • Fits one person on any size bed

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