Altitude Training Room

Altitude Training Room

from 12,100.00

Altitude training is for everyone, not just the elite! To date, access for the public to simulated altitude facilities has been limited as the systems have been cost prohibitive to install. Box Altitude’s technology has created more efficient, and therefore more affordable, altitude solutions, allowing this training methodology to move into the mainstream.

Business Model

Gyms can use ‘Altitude’ to enhance the current member value-proposition, attract new prospects, protect against churn and create new revenue streams.

Gyms are charging between $30 – $40 per casual class, or adding premiums to existing membership (up to $90 per month). In addition, group sessions can attract local sports teams, training squads, schools and universities, and can be charged at around $300 to $400 per hour.

With finance terms available, the costs associated with a 50 sqm space are approximately $1,100 per month. Contact us for more information about finance.

This means a gym would only require 13 new members (paying $85 per month) to break-even.

Altitude will be viewed as a ‘premium service’ and a significant value-add by members.

Pricing starts from AUD $11,000.

Room Size:
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To retrofit an existing room, Box Altitude requires a reasonably well-sealed, enclosed space. This could be a spin room, multi-purpose cardio room, or alternatively we can design and build an ‘altitude zone’. The size of the space dictates which Box Altitude generator will be most appropriate, starting from 30 sqm up to 250 sqm (based on a 2.5m high ceiling).

The Altitude Generator is typically housed in a plant room, with pipe work and ducting connected to the relevant room(s). This creates flexibility in offering a wide range of altitude services for your clients. A sensor in the room controls the altitude settings, and combined with the controller system, we can dial in an exact altitude.

Box Altitude views multi-purpose rooms of around 50 sqm as an ideal size to be able rotate cardio and CrossFit classes throughout the day while offering the space for altitude training during other hours.

Changing the room from sea level to altitude can take as little as one hour and only requires flicking a switch. In respect to oxygen levels, we breathe 20.9% oxygen at sea level. We recommend starting training at levels of 1500m for beginners up to 3000m for advanced users, which translate to 17% and 14% oxygen respectively. Box Altitude can simulate higher levels if required.