Altitude Sensor

Altitude Sensor

150.00 every month

Get altitude smart with the Box Altitude Sensor and App.

Track, monitor and modify your altitude and your sleep.

With the Box Altitude Sensor and App you will be integrating sophisticated tracking technology and make altitude sleeping the science it should be.

How does it work?

It’s easy. Plug the Box Altitude Sensor into a wall socket and attach it to the inside of your altitude tent. Then download our app here.

The app will track your:

  • Time spent at altitude

  • High and Low Altitude

  • Average Altitude

  • Heat

  • Humidity

It then stores your data so you can check your sleep and progress.

Additional features

  • Visual and audible safety alarm

  • Plus many more features currently in development

  • Compatible with any altitude system

We’re taking pre-orders for a limited supply of Altitude Sensor now, with first deliveries approximately mid-March 2019.

It’s time to sleep with our smart altitude system. Get in touch today, or call us on +61 435 857 133