Training Cloud

Training Cloud

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Introducing the Training Cloud system, the world’s first plug and play iPhone or iPad controlled altitude training environment.

The Training Cloud system consists of:

  • Training Cloud four poster tent (2.6m long x 1.3m wide x 2.3m high)

  • Box Altitude Hypoxic Compressor (Base = 1 machine or Deluxe = 2 machines)

  • Box Altitude O2 WiFi sensor

The included Box Altitude O2 Sensor incorporates sophisticated tracking technology giving real time metrics via the Box Altitude App for time spent at altitude, high and low altitude, average altitude, heat and humidity.

Base vs Deluxe System

The Base System comprises of one Box Altitude hypoxic compressor, whereas the Deluxe System includes two hypoxic compressors. The benefit of the Deluxe System is that the Training Cloud reaches the desired training altitude quicker (approximately 50% quicker compared to the Base System). In addition, the maximum altitude of the Base System is approximately 2,500 metres and the Deluxe can reach altitudes of up to 3,500 metres.

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