Train high, and... repeat

Maximise your indoor training workouts and accelerate your weight loss program

Training Cloud has redefined the train at altitude space, with a solution that is easy to use and provides big performance gains.

Indoor training activities are often used by those with limited training time available, so to maximise the effectiveness of your indoor workout, add the Box Altitude Training Cloud system to you indoor training setup.

BOX ALTITUDE designed the Training Cloud system to enhance your sea level workouts, whether on a treadmill, Erg, or a Zwift /Wahoo type cycling platform.

The addition of a Training Cloud system to your indoor training program, allows the athlete to work out in a simulated high altitude environment.

Supplementing your weekly training routine at altitude, will increase your ability to absorb oxygen at sea level as well as burn more calories while training in the environment.

Altitude training allows you to burn up to 20%more calories than training at Sea Level, so effectively enhancing any weight loss fitness based program.

Simply dial in the required altitude set point on the App based controller, and train to be faster. The Training Cloud system comes in two options, using the F 10 Hypoxic generator or the more powerful F 20 Altitude generator which simply allows the system to reach the altitude set point faster.

The proven benefits of altitude

  • Scientific studies have consistently proven significantly higher growth hormone concentrations in altitude trained groups than in their sea level conterparts throughout a specified training period.
  • Simulated altitude training causes more weight loss than sea level training after a 4-week training block.
  • High-Intensity Interval Training in an altitude environment leads to greater body fat loss.

Introducing the Box Altitude System

All Box Altitude systems come complete with the following three key system components:

App Screen
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Altitude Controller App®

Control your altitude height, monitor the time you’ve spent at altitude, the heat and humidity of your environment, and track your sleep and progress.

box altitude sensor
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Altitude Sensor®

The sensor pairs with the App through simple QR codes, in order to detect the oxygen content of your altitude environment. 

F10 Altitude Generator
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F10 Altitude Generator®

This efficient, quiet, multi-purpose altitude machine can alter your environment up to 3,000 metres.

Training Cloud system components

  • Training Cloud four poster tent
  • Altitude Generator® (F10 or F20)
  • Altitude Sensor®
*Leasing currently only available for Australian residents.

Need Help?

Need help or assistance on which Box Altitude system is the one for you? Our team is standing by to make sure you get the help you need.